Gaston is one part bichon frisé, one part woolly charm – and one part love of life. He is what the real estate industry might call a fixer-upper. Although there are no cracks in his foundations (his sturdy little legs get him where he wants to go), his eyes don’t miss a trick and he has a set of perfectly good teeth, he does not hear.

His early years are shrouded in mystery, as he was found as a stray. He then spent a year in a home where his deafness went unnoticed and his lack of response to commands and apparent unwillingness even to learn his name were seen as obtuseness or defiance. This caused him to miss out on precious time when he could have acquired the skills a deaf dog needs to interact in the world. But it turns out that one can teach an old dog new tricks, and at 5 years of age Gaston is far from old. He is very intelligent and a rewarding pupil. His new family will have to invest some time and effort into his remedial education.

His latest family who worked with his disability unexpectedly sold their house a few months after adopting him and moved to an apartment. This has not “cut it” for him.

Gaston loves equally, romping around a securely fenced yard with other small canine companion (or two) or going for walks in his “hood”. The prerequsite to his walk is finding a leaf that he can transport in his mouth the full length of the outing (see photo).

Gaston is sensitive to reflections and to vibrations and particularly dislikes the passage of heavy vehicles. which rules out condos, duplexes and apartments. He needs at least one family member to be home for part of the day, take him for walks and play with him in a securely fenced-in yard or dog run. Experience with a deaf dog would be a plus, and patience is a must.

A detached home (no condos, or apartments), a fenced yard, another confident, playful dog, a flexible schedule,  and kids 16+ are required.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.