Introducing HERO and ASLAN, twin Shi Poos who are pretty perfect. Litter mates and BFF’s they are attached at the hip.

These two boys, barely 5 years old, weigh approx. 18 lbs. and are quiet, super sweet and quick learners. They will melt your heart.

Hero is a bit more confident and curious than his bro but Aslan a bit more affectionate. They do well with routine and knowing what’s happening next. They love people and so far have interacted well with children.

They are fine with dogs but will bark at first when they meet new ones and then quickly engage in play. They love to roam around a fenced-in yard and love their walks, exploring new scenarios.

They can be left alone together for several hours, as long as treats are involved on your return.

Neutered, vaccinated and housetrained. Kids 10+