Juliette, is a stunning 16 month old, Golden / Labrador mix who looks like a Vogue model. In great shape, she is full of energy and a super athletic girl. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she needs an active family who want a companion to run, hike, play frisbee, tug-of-war and fetch with. Juliette would be an excellent candidate for agility training. This happy dog, is also very affectionate and cuddly.

She responds well to basic commands, is accustomed to a crate, is housetrained and does not bark unnecessarily. Juliette even likes her teeth brushed! She has no problem with other dogs or with cats, but may need help with her enthusiastic approach. She likes to rough house with other large dogs.

Juliette has no problem with children, but because of her exuberance we prefer children 10+. Another dog, and a fenced in yard would be a bonus for her.

When younger Juliette had a few seizures and therefore takes meds for epilepsy but has not had any seizures since on medication. She weighs 55 lbs, she is vaccinated, dewormed, and her carnet de santé is up to date.