Born and raised to be used for human consumption, a prisoner in a small cage since birth, Louis never had the opportunity to socialize with humans. This one year old boy was thankfully saved from an abysmal life and transported to Canada. Unfortunately Louis arrived here somewhat damaged—terrified of humans.

His foster family, human and canine, are slowly seeing progress and are thrilled to watch his evolution. It will take time but with baby steps and patience Louis will come around. Everything is new to him, humans,  the outdoors, cars, a collar and leash, a house, love.

He is sweet and handsome and he adores other dogs. While shy and scared, he is never aggressive. Currently he will tolerate some gentle handling but soon after retreats to a corner or back to his space. He has zero confidence. He will freeze if startled.

Louis will be neutered next week and this will help greatly with his ongoing housetraining.

This pup will do well in a quiet, adult home, experienced with shy dogs. There must be a secure, fully fenced backyard for him to start exploring the outside as well as another calm, confident dog to assist in his rehabilitation. His new patient family must be full of love for this soul who will flourish in the right environment.

If you think you are ready for the challenge of helping Louis be the best he can be, please CONCTACT US asap.