Moose has a whole lot to offer. Although seemingly stand-offish at first it doesn’t take long before he is giving kisses and asking to snuggle on your lap. Moose is coming from a busy household with young children and multiple pets and although he was fine with everyone, especially the cat, the high level of activity made him anxious and forced him to retreat to his “safety zone”, his crate.

Currently in a quiet foster home with another small dog Moose seems to be happier. He loves his toys and is constantly trying to engage his foster bro in play. He was pretty much an indoor dog, trained to use a pee pad only. This week we put a harness and collar on him for the first time and he starting to go for leash walks in his neighbourhood. Baby steps! Moose is a smart, quick learner who catches on to new signals and concepts easily.

We think that a quiet adult home would suit him best. There should be a well-balanced small dog for him to pal around with and even a cat that thinks he/she is a dog.  Moose was great friends with the cats in his former home. We are unsure about apartments/condos, although he doesn’t seem to bark for no reason; he barks mainly if there is an unfamiliar noise and he feels threatened. 

Before applying, ensure that your home is Chihuahua safe; no big openings in stairs and no open railings around stairs, swimming pools must have separate secured fencing, decks and balconies must have solid closed fencing  or mesh around.

Moose is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, he is 14 months old and weighs 8lbs.

For all inquiries for Moose, write to:

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.