Having been discarded like an old shoe, Nala came to us depressed with no appetite. Now in long-term foster, and fully vetted, she has found her comfort level slowly but surely. Nala loves her food and for the moment eats a veterinarian diet. The foster family discovered that her hearing and eyesight are compromised so she has to be approached delicately, to avoid a startled reaction. She is never aggressive, simply protective when taken by surprise.
Madam sits and gives her paw before each meal or treats—the epitome of politeness! Despite her age, Nala is a very playful and dynamic dog.

The little 13 year old, 15 lb., senior loves both long naps and endless walks. As soon as she is presented with her leash she becomes excited! Since she does not like to be alone, her future family will have to have a flexible schedule – with no more than 4 hours away at any time. She will have to go out regularly, because she can not hold her bladder for a whole day. A fenced yard where she can be out regularly is preferred.

Nala loves to sleep close to her foster mom and can be jealous and protective with other dogs however, recently she has started to warm up to other dogs. She is fine with cats.

We do not know Nala’s past, but are committed to ensuring her future with a calm, patient, and experienced family who shares the rescue mindset. No young children SVP.
Nala is fully vetted, spayed and microchipped.

If you are interested in Nala and fit the requirements please CONTACT US by email: