Pookie, has survived 5 unhappy years. She was used as a puppy producer by a backyard breeder with little or no exposure to people. With the help of an experienced and dedicated foster mom she is slowly coming around when meeting new people and In dealing with new situations. Unexpected noises, sudden movements and men can still send her off in a panic making her a fight risk. Pookie loves running around and being chased in the foster mom’s back yard, that is securely fenced.

Pookie loves her walks and is generally calm. Of course if a man appears on her path, or she gets startled she can become reactive. Further leash walk training will be necessary.
As much as she is well socialized with the other dogs and cats in the home, she likes to be the one and only and is super-attached to her person and can be possessive. She especially loves to snuggle on the couch and to sleep in bed with her foster mom.

Pookie is protective of her house and will bark at noises, but we believe that she has been debarked and therefore is not heard. She is pretty well housetrained but still needs some work and must be taken out often.

Pookie needs a patient family experienced with fearful, unsocialized dogs. A family that understands her issues and will go slow with her. She has come such a long way in 5 months and we suspect with time she will become a great companion.

Pookie is 5 ½ years old, weighs 17 lbs and is spayed and up to date on her vaccines. Pookie is not a good candidate for dog parks.

If you think that you’re a match for Pookie, please contact: pookie_adoption@hotmail.com.