Roger is a 6 year old medium sized pit-bull mix with a blonde-brindle coat. He is a loyal and loving high energy male ideally looking for a home without any other animals, though he has cohabited with female cat and a female dog.

He is neutered, up to date on base and rabies vaccines, in good health, and LOVES to play ball. He can be skittish at times; when frightened by new people he may growl or bark, but once he gets to know them he is instantly loving and loyal.

He grows very attached to the people in his life and wants to be as close to them as possible. He loves long walks, but does not usually get along with dogs he meets on a leash. He has a lot of energy to exert, but can equally laze about with you and watch a movie.

Roger is house trained and has not had an accident since he was a puppy. He sometimes barks when you leave the house, but only momentarily.

He is looking for a forever home. He has moved around a few times in his life and wants a place to live out the rest of his years with a kind and dedicated family that can reciprocate the love he gives daily.