Sweet, little Rosie (aka Mindy) has been with me for almost three years. She was around 6 years old when I adopted her, a timid soul who had a rough beginning. She was terrified of everything. Her progress was slow and tentative and although she’s still shy and skittish, she’s come a long, long way. It took loads of patience and hours of coaxing her out of hiding places, but it was definitely worth the effort. She’s become the loveliest girl. She gets along beautifully with the 2 other canines in the house, and even enjoys occasional cuddles with the cat. She’s learned to enjoy walks in the neighbourhood, hours too napping in the sun on the shelf by the window and is always ready to wolf down a meal. Rosie’s journey is an example of how love and patience can help mend a dog’s broken heart. 

~ Lauren B.