A) you’re adorable (B) you’re so beautiful (C) you’re a cutie full of charms (D) you’re a darling and…

Billie is all of this and more—an Aussie Doodle who is anxiously waiting for his forever family to come and meet him. Billie is smart, a super-quick learner and his breed dictates an active life of a working/herding dog. Agility training, Frisbee, hiking, running and horsing around in the yard with another young active dog will suit him fine.

Once properly exercised, Billie loves to cuddle, roll-over for belly rubs and be your best bud. He is loyal, treat motivated and loves every human and canine he meets. He needs work on leash walking as he is still very exuberant and pulls to greet passersby. Billie can be vocal, mainly when he wants something like his supper, a treat or your attention.

Billie is 8-months-old, house-trained, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. He will be approximately 60 lbs. when full-grown.

Firm requirements:

-an active family

-kids 12 + (because of his size)

-another young, active dog

-no apartments or condos

-a securely fenced yard and if a swimming pool, it must be separately fenced.

-no cats for now, as he has never met one

-willing to attend puppy training classes

If you match our requirements and are interested in Billie, write to: info@gerdysrescue.org

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.