We feel privileged to have these two perfect Yorkies in our rescue ever since their owner passed away a few weeks ago. Well-balanced, friendly and uber affectionate we are committed to keeping the pair together in their next home. Chiffon is a senior at 15 years old, in great shape and protective of his very little sister who is 5 years old. Sissi is teeny tiny but mighty, and knows how to get what she wants.

They enjoy their walks 2-3 x /day, and they love being outdoors in the garden sniffing, exploring and harassing the birds and squirrels. They are fine to be left home alone in their pen for short periods of time but much prefer you to be around or to be taken along with you.

Your environment must be safe for them—with a 100% enclosed backyard and no swimming pools; no open staircases, or open railings. Children must be 12+. No apartments or condos as Sissi can be vocal.

They are house trained, sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped. Sissi weighs 4 lbs, Chiffon weighs 8 lbs.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.