Just under a year old, Bowie is a playful, happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic lad. He loves all humans and dogs. His sweet nature and willingness to please have the makings of a great companion. He is loving and affectionate and super motivated by and willing to work for treats. Bowie already has a few commands in his repertoire and is keen to learn more.
Bowie is energy + and will need a lot of enrichment activity such as trick training, puzzle games, and lots of outdoor activity. Another active dog in the family would be ideal. He loves his walks, sniffing and exploring but needs further leash-walk training. He experiences the world through his mouth and is a counter-surfer par excellence. And, when bored he tends to look for things to eat. A tidy house is key to keep him safe, with food-free counters and no random stuff lying around like your favourite slippers, jigsaw puzzle pieces or telephone chargers.
So, if you are looking for love from a beautiful soul and are willing to put in the work to allow Bowie to evolve into the best boy ever, please inquire.
Bowie is 11 months old, weighs approx. 45-50 lbs. is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and house trained.

Firm requirements:

-a presence in the home a good part of the day

-a willingness to continue obedience training and or agility

-no apartments-a securely fenced yard large enough for zoomies

-if swimming pool must have separate fence

-children 14 plus (only because of his size and strength)

-another medium to large breed dog

-we have no history with cats

Please inquire at: only if you fit the requirements. If you are not a candidate you will not be contacted.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.