There’s a four-legged hole in our hearts and home today as we say goodbye to our beloved Brovko.
Since day one, he has always been with us at the office where he enjoyed spending the day with students and staff. He touched the lives of everyone he met with his charming smile, gentle soul and calming presence which made him a perfect companion for nervous or anxious students. Brovko quickly began building loving relationships with all those who come in contact with him, whether they were strangers, friends, and even other animals, he knew how to make you fall in love with him. He enjoyed many outdoor activities, but barking and swimming were not on the list. Rather, he would want to go for walks, play fetch or sit close and watch TV when it was time to relax. Through it all, Brovko has been an amazing companion and he will be deeply missed and by many amazing friends he has made throughout the years.
He will always be remembered by his happy go lucky attitude and those crooked ears that only added to that handsome charm he carried with such grace. Our lives are eternally enriched because we got to share some of it with him. Forever and always in our hearts, BooBoo.

Chelsea and Steve