Charlie (aka as Chuck) is a miracle boy. He was brought into a local vet clinic for euthanasia with his two siblings. They were all horribly neglected and in bad shape. The vet saved Charlie and contacted Gerdy to help get his medical needs sorted out; today Charlie is in good shape and typical of his breed, he only requires food for sensitive skin and eye drops for dry -eye.

Charlie is 8 years young, handsome in a funny kind of way, and still full of beans. Although Charlie is a bit deaf, he seems to hear very well… when there is food in the picture. Is this selective or the fact that his sense of smell is uber-heightened?

Chuck is an excellent walker and loves his 2-3 walks a day. This 60 lb. hulk thinks that he is a lap dog and wants to be glued to his humans. He adores all people and currently follows his foster Mom everywhere. Charlie is good with other dogs but is an attention grabber, so he can live with a confident dog who is OK if Charlie is allowed to push his way in for cuddles. He is fine with cats as well.

Not recommended for an apartment as he does demand attention and food by vocalizing. Also no young children recommended, not that there is an ounce of aggression but he could easily grab for food. We think kids 12 + would be fine.