Seized from a puppy mill, this 6 year old poodle needs a very experienced home. She prefers female humans to males and loves all dogs, big and small. Typical of a mill survivor, Annie lacked socialization with humans and for the most part is fearful of any new people she comes in contact with. She will however bond with one person as she has with her foster mom and then becomes the most loyal, attached-at-the-hip canine companion.

A mini-poodle x, Annie weighs approximately 10 lbs. She loves her walks and does her business outside but only ventures out on her terms. She is not a fan of winter and has become a champ at using a pee pad in the house. Once she bonds she sticks like glue and adores cuddles and kisses as long as her person is willing. A confident canine companion, or 2, is an absolute necessity as Annie loves to play chase and rough house with another dog. Her history with cats is unknown but we are pretty sure that she could live with a dog-friendly cat as well.

Her new household, in a quiet neighbourhood, must have calm, patient adult humans (all female svp), who will be willing let Annie evolve on her own with no expectations. A secure fenced yard would be ideal so that she can be outside to play with doggie housemates, as she will not be a candidate for a dog park.

Annie is spayed, vaccinated and recently had a dental.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.