Coco lived with a family for 6 years before he was abandoned to a shelter and was quickly adopted out to a second family, 1 ½ years ago. Adopted with great intentions, Coco’s most recent owner found out that she was pregnant a few months after welcoming him into her home and sadly Coco’s profile is not a match for a home with babies and young children.

This super affectionate boy loves his belly rubs and attention from any adult humans that he meets. The exception is at the groomers or at the vet, where he becomes extremely anxious and can get aggressive.

When his humans come home is overly enthusiastic and he runs in circles, barking with excitement. He is very active and loves to jog and especially loves frequent walks. He is housetrained, has no accidents and in the cold of winter will use a pee pad if he can’t get outside. He loves his food and especially if offered fruits and veggies that are safe for canine consumption.

Coco is uber smart and is quite obedient. He is excited to be taught new things and will respond to new commands. He can be left alone for several hours, during which time he curls up and has a snooze.

Recently he has become a resource guarder, grabbing food or objects in the house and not giving them up. Often, he will relent with an exchange for a treat but sometimes it is difficult to retrieve the object from him. He will need more work in this area with experienced adopters who have worked or are willing to work with this behaviour. He will also need some work on leash reactivity, when he sees another dog, especially big ones. He has had some positive interaction with other small dogs.

Coco is very healthy, weighs 12 lbs., vaccines are up to date, he is microchipped and has great teeth. He needs an adult family (kids 16+), experienced with working with some behavioural issues. A house with a fenced yard and people with flexible schedules is requested.