Meet Diego! He was originally abandoned by his owner after 12 years. Here are 10 must-know facts about him:
1. He loves giving HEADBUTTS.
2. He doesn’t believe in space; he will cuddle as close as possible to your face!
3. He is active and LOVES to play but will equally relax on the couch with you.
4. He wants all of your undivided to attention.
5. If you receive visitors, remember fact #2. Prepare your guests to be greeted at all times and he will jump on their laps almost immediately.
6. He has no fear – of anything! Just the vacuum.
7. He’s a big boy! (A giant ball of fluff, literally!)
8. He really appreciates a clean litter box.
9. He LOVES men.
10. He drools when extremely content (as it may be gross, his foster mom thinks it’s absolutely adorable).
When Diego arrived, it was discovered that he was diabetic and needed a very big dentistry as his mouth had been severed neglected over the years. Since being in his foster home, he has received his dentistry and we’ve been working hard to put his diabetes into remission. This means that he will not need insulin if he stays strictly on wet diabetic food. The results of his blood work came back completely normal, which means he is in great health! He does well in a home with cats but prefers to be the dominant one. This senior boy is still so full of life and love, he will make the perfect lap cat.
Anxious to meet Diego?