Roméo is a very beautiful male. He is about 3 years old. He is healthy. We’ve had him fully vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized, he’s had 2 treatments of Revolution for fleas, and has 3 more to do. He is just under 12 pounds. His daily diet is Royal canine food…1 half can of wet food weight control, and half a cup of Dental dry food. His food is divided over 3 feedings daily, but could be 2 times ( morning and evening.) It is important not to free feed him, because he was a stray he tends to gobble all of his food much too quickly!! So he has some dry, and wet at each feeding. He also enjoys treats…and is not shy to ask for them🙂. He is at a good weight right now.
It took him a little time to adjust to being inside. He was completely distraught. However he has adapted well. He now enjoys playing more and more. He doesn’t like to be held for long, but he loves to follow us around, and snuggle close to our legs when we’re sitting. He loves to have his chin rubbed!! He’s quiet at night and likes to sleep on the bed against our legs or beside us. He doesn’t sleep on your head.
He loves to sit by the windows and patio door to watch outside. He is able to be alone during the day.
He is a very good boy, and we adore him. The only reason we are not keeping him is because he and our resident cat are miserable together.
Romeo is a great pussy cat, he is a cool guy and not aggressive at all…but he is dominant with other cats. His perfect forever home would be in a home with adults (no children…as he doesn’t enjoy being handled) and where he will be the only cat! He is not the least bit destructive and he loves being the centre of attention! PLEASE NOTE: Romeo must remain an indoor cat and would make an ideal apartment cat! He must be the only pet. Anxious to adopt him?

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.