Dobby requires surgery for a torn cruciate ligament and is in need of a foster family ASAP to care for her during the 8-week recovery period. This 4 year old Boxer/Pitbull can no longer remain in her home as they cannot afford the surgery and they find that she is too rough around their 8-month old baby. 

Dobby needs an experienced and patient foster home with adults only. Keeping her quiet and being stringent about her cage rest and limited activity will be critical. The foster family must have a car to be able to take her for her follow-up to the surgeon.

Dobby weighs about 45-50 lbs. is playful, affectionate with her family but nervous around new people and in new situations. She can be mistrustful at first and needs someone with the experience and confidence to handle a fearful dog. Her owners say that with time she accepts new people, lets her guard down and can become excited, happy and friendly.

Dobby is high energy and under normal circumstances, before her accident, was used to getting her exercise playing in a yard with the family’s other dog. She likes to be outside on the street but pulls on the leash and is distracted by the surroundings, so has not been walked often. She is excited to see other dogs but is not used to much socialization with them.

Dobby is housetrained, and already used to a crate as when left alone she is best being confined as she can chew things. She is spayed and up to date on her vaccines.

We recommend an adult foster family, experienced with challenging dogs. No cats, no dogs, no kids. The family must live in a house with easy access as well as limited stairs to the backyard for Dobby to do her business outside during her recovery period. 

Please inquire about Dobby via email at: info@gerdysrescue.org