Tuvy is a wonderful 8-month-old Miniature Pinscher weighing 11 pounds. He’s a handsome, healthy male who is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. He loves people and will happily nap on your lap during a break from running around. High-energy, intelligent, and playful, he needs lots of attention and activity, plus some boundaries. This puppy has made amazing progress in every way but still needs a bit of work on a few things like completing his toilet training and getting used to coats, sweaters, harnesses.

Tuvy would do best in a house with a secure fenced yard, in a quiet neighborhood. He needs at least one human home during the day. He’d like a canine big brother or sister as he adores playing with his foster siblings. Mates a little older and larger, who could be a role model would be great. A moderately dog-experienced couple or single parent with older children and with flexible schedules would work best.


-children must be 12 plus;

-no apartments, a house in a suburban setting;

-a secure fenced yard;

-no swimming pools unless separately and securely fenced;

-someone who works from home or someone at home a good part of the day;

-another small to medium-sized active dog;

-former dog experience

If you meet all of the above criteria please email us for an application. You will not be contacted if you are not a candidate.