Due to no fault of her own, before she came to Gerdy’s, Eadie had 2 families that had no time to spend with her. She had very little training, was not housebroken and had many bad ‘habits’. For the past month Eadie has been with a diligent and experienced foster family and has come such a long way. 

She currently weighs 40 lbs. We estimate that she will weigh approximately 55-60 lbs. when full grown. 

She now asks to go out, has no more “accidents” in the house and any prior insecurities or anxieties are well on the way to being a thing of her past. She learns really quickly as she’s highly food motivated and does very well with a regular routine and LOTS of exercise (and treats!). Eadie loves her crate and sleeps in it every night – up to 6 hours now. She is a serious cuddler and will sleep in your bed if you let her. 

Eadie is a very high energy dog and would do best with an active family. She needs lots of exercise – with her, it’s VERY true that a tired dog is a good dog! By the way she can also be a lazy, couch-potato. She plays really well with other dogs – she’s relentless and rather fearless (she took on a 100 lb Coon Hound… and won the stick!). But when told firmly, she backs down right away. She also has a very high prey instinct – if there’s a squirrel or chipmunk nearby, she will chase it. So, a safe place to run around in a fenced yard is essential.

Eadie is very attentive – quite easy to walk in a heel position as long as her nose is kept above the ground otherwise she’ll eat EVERYTHING she sees; leaves, sticks, moss, garbage… but if you keep moving, she’s fine. She has learned that she’s not allowed in the kitchen when cooking is going on as she’s tall & stretchy enough that she could ‘counter-surf’. Instead she will stay on the couch, upside down & asleep. She is never fed human food, so she does not beg. Her meals are fed in a slow-feeder bowl. 

She is cautious with new people, situations and dogs but quickly adapts and doesn’t have any hang ups – if she’s afraid at first, when nothing bad happens she’ll approach again and settle down. She has a really good and smart reaction to new things.

Eadie is still a puppy and has to be watched. She requires strong leadership! Only a motivated, active family, experienced with large breed dogs that is willing to continue her training be will be considered. 

Candidates must live in a house (no apartments or condos please!), with an existing, secure fenced yard and if a swimming pool it MUST be fenced separately. Her new family must have a flexible schedule with a presence in the house so that she can get out regularly for walks and playtime. 

Eadie has lived with and was ok with a dog-friendly cat. She may also benefit from living with a well-balanced, active larger dog. She is up to date on her vaccines and is spayed. Children must be 12+

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.