Lilo is a snuggle-bear! She’s that rare sort of pooch who is  kind, sweet and thoughtful. She cares so much about how others feel, that she could easily become one of the most important ‘beings’ in your life. She will wiggle her bum with excitement when she sees you and dance on her back paws for you to pick her up. She will be that friend who makes you feel better after a lousy day. This dog loves absolutely everyone…well, everyone except for young children and other dogs when she’s out on a walk. 

This little girl is the outdoorsy type and loves smelling country air, a mountain hike and long walks in a quiet park. No urban settings for her as the movement, noise and bustle of street traffic, skateboards, buses, etc. throws her off. Lilo is longing to be the only pet in a home in the suburbs, with a secure fence.

Shaggy Lilo weighs 11 lbs. and is now 9 years old. Currently in foster, we are told that she is super smart, is pretty well housetrained and learns quickly through positive reinforcement.

Her “miracle” will be a family that is patient and loving who will enjoy a few long walks a day with her, and who are home to be with her a good part of the day. 

To be eligible for Lilo the following are absolute requirements: Single family dwellings only (no condos or apts.), no kids or grandkids under 14, experience with more challenging small breed dogs, a secure fenced yard for her to roam and play in, another dog IF it is submissive and will allow this peanut to be the boss. No swimming pools unless securely fenced with a separate enclosure. No cats. A presence in the home (either a home office, or flexible schedules, etc.).

Lilo is spayed microchipped and fully vetted.

Inquiries by email only NOT FB s.v.p. write to:

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.