In Memoriam

Beautiful loving goofy Finn was a special dog. He was a young Lab/Collie mix who was unfortunately very very ill; he could not properly digest any type of food.

Gerdy did every test and every procedure possible to keep this wonderful boy alive and free from pain. His human companion and mother was the closest Gerdy could find to being a saint. She covered her home with a protective padding so that he would not feel badly when he had accidents… and he had many…everyday. She cooked his food… followed many different recipes, brought him to all of his doctors appointment, slept on the floor with him when he was uncomfortable, and made Finn feel like the most loved companion ever.

Throughout all of his treatments, Finn (or Finnyboy, as his Mom called him), remained happy, playful, goofy, and oh so loving. When it became apparent to all of his doctors that Finn was not strong enough to take anymore treatments, Christine, his earth angel, made his last days as close to Heaven as she could. Taking time off of her work, she made sure that her ‘boy’ was never alone and that he wanted for nothing.

When the time came to say good bye, Finnyboy was in her arms and never doubted that he was safe and loved.

Finn left a lasting impression on everyone who came in contact with him. His wagging tail said it all. He was happy to be loved and loved everybody in return.

Rest in Peace Dear Finn…. ‘til we meet again!