My dearest Gentle Ben,

I hope you knew that I loved you so completely. I hope you knew that in my eyes and so many others, that you had the biggest heart that ever existed. I hope you knew that you were my life and that of your human sister Lia. We love you now as we did then – nothing has changed except I wish you were still here so that I could tell you again, again and again.

It was a year ago since I last touched you, kissed you, held you tightly and smelt your neck. Since your passing things have changed a little Ben. There has been a tremendous void in my life and I wanted so much to find someone just like you. I have not found anyone to date, so I know that you would approve of what’s been going on in my life. Firstly, I realize that it will be impossible to find another just like you – it would just not be fair to expect that.

I feel foolish now for wanting you back this way so I found a way that would make me feel a little more useful and a lot less selfish. I now try to help any animal that is in need of a safe place until a family could be found – after all, this is how we met. So this past year there have been many animals that I have cared for. I have seen them flourish and then find great new beginnings. It has been hard, because there have been occasions where I wanted to keep them, but I knew the timing was wrong. I think you would have approved of them all.

Interestingly enough there have been similar characteristics that you possessed – so I found comfort in that. One day, when I am stronger I will find maybe not a Ben, but maybe a Bentley, Boris or Betty – who knows. I can promise you one thing though my friend there will only be one Ben…only one.

Thinking of you always my dearest friend, and loving you with the same intensity.

Love Mom, Lia, Nana, Grandpa, Auntie Jewel, Uncle Craig, Amber and Zak!

Big, Big, hug and kiss, until we meet again. RIP