Hi Gerdy and all the other folks involved,

Earlier this month I ‘d planned to write you an e-mail to celebrate our 10 years with Gusto! He was Gus with you I think. He is a wonderful dog. Active and affectionate and smart and willing to please. If we’d been better educators, he could have learned much more. As a friend says, he’s trained us! I am attaching a recent photo to show you what he likes to do: bring me the newspaper in the morning! He can’t manage bringing the coffee but that comes courtesy of husband, Duncan! Gusto is very proud of himself when he trots upstairs with the paper in his mouth and jumps up on the bed and drops it. Sometimes he stays and cuddles up and sometimes, once his job is done, he goes back downstairs to sit at the back door and watch for squirrels.

We still go to PEI for almost 4 months and of course, he is happy as can be there. No leash, the wind blowing (most of the time) through his beautiful coat and lots of walks at the beach.

All the best,

Diana and Duncan McNeill