Hello! Remember Zorro?

9 1/2 years later he is still the love of my life! So blessed to have gotten to be the one to take him home!

We have been on so many adventures together, so many car rides, so many fields and forests walked in… Mountains climbed.. He is such a doll! So happy to have him ๐Ÿ™‚ we have recently rescued his brother Snow.. A husky who had a terrible life, 10 years of being chained to a tree outside with battle wounds all over his poor sweet body. But Zorro took him under his wing right away and now they are inseparable ! <3

Love my two boys!

Today marks his 11th birthday ๐Ÿ™‚



Sorry I have not got to you sooner, was hard getting the pictures of our baby Zorro online! but I did, and now Im finally adding him to your happy endings! and what a happy ending it has been!

I can’t even describe how happy we are with him! I’ve taught him many tricks such as dance, and if you pretend to shoot him with your hands, and say pow, he plays dead! One of the smartest dogs I’ve owned, or even seen!

Me and Nick love Zorro to death! I would never be able to give this pup up, never! What a doll…

Carolyn S