Only 3 ½ years old this 10 lb., beautiful poodle was raised in a small puppy mill and was never socialized with human beings. She has done super well in her foster home, has learned to trust her foster mom, and is very slowly getting used to the husband and two boys, as well as meeting new people. She does have a fear of men, especially new ones on the street and in new circumstances.

Hope loves dogs, must have at least one in her new family, and cats and can live with both. She especially loves Snow (see post for Snow). Once she trusts she is affectionate, playful and will attach herself to one person. She can be walked on a leash, but will panic when a stranger approaches or if she hears strange noises. Her fear can get her into trouble as, if she panics and if not properly secured she will bolt and hide and never approach strangers for safety. This fear makes the need for her to find a family that has experience with puppy mill or timid dogs. A family that has the availability and the time and patience to go slow to let her beautiful character unfold, on her terms.

Hope is pretty much housetrained and can use a pee pad as well. Her ideal situation would be a mostly female home with another dog and, if kids 10 plus. Hope has done well in her foster home with a secure fenced yard where she has been free to run around with doggie friends. She is not much of a barker so far, nor destructive when left alone.

She is vaccinated and spayed. Please note that since we do not know Hope’s past, there is no guarantee that she is hypo allergenic.