Age/ Age: 2 months
Male/ Male
Race (s)/ Breed (s): Mixed
Weight/ Weight: Will be more than 45 lbs as adult
INFO: Sterilized and vaccines up to date

I am currently in foster care if you are interested in adopting me, please contact: jax_adoption@hotmail.com

Jax is a small tornado! He has tons of energy, and his play times are never long enough for him! In his future home, he will need to get a lot of exercise and stimulation. Ideally, a home with another active and balanced dog who will teach Jax the ropes and roughhouse with him.

Jax is discovering the outdoors and likes to walk with a leash with confidence, however, so far, winter is clearly not his favourite season. Jax is slowly learning the basics, but puppy classes will be imperative! He will still need work work on his housetraining. In his foster family, Jax has access to all the rooms of the house and is not currently crated. Because Jax is a puppy with small sharp teeth, he does nibble on hands and fingers. It will be important to offer him safe chew toys. With structure, routine and positive reinforcement he will be a great companion.

Jax is a playful, social puppy who is always happy to see people. He’s not used to being alone and tends to cry. Jax’s future family will need to have a presence in the home.

Jax is a love who equally loves humans and dogs. He is therefore looking for a responsible family that has time to devote to him—a very active family with a presence and a lot of love to offer. Jax needs a stable environment where he will stay until his old age. Although cute and small now, Jan will grow into a larger adult. A home with a securely fenced yard is a must. Children aged 10 and over.

I am currently in foster care if you are interested in adoption, please contact: jax_adoption@hotmail.com