Only 3 years old and has had a few homes already. In good faith his current owner adopted him from someone on the internet without really knowing or understanding what his needs are and with her busy work and personal life she cannot properly care for him.

A 75 lb. Labrador mixed with some Husky, Moe is full of energy and likes to be outdoors participating in activity, like running, cross-country skiing, hiking, or wrestling with other dogs at a dog park. Currently he spends too much time alone, and although he doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety or bark, he whines to express his unhappiness. He adores his toys, and he has many and loves chomping on a stuffed Kong.

Obvious shades of a horrible first year of life make evident why Moe doesn’t trust easily and is fearful when he first meets new people. Once the intro is over he relaxes and is ok. He can be protective of his humans and needs work on trust and fear. Moe will need a commitment from his new family to work with a trainer for protocols on how to manage his foibles.

The best home for Moe would be an active adult family, experienced with fearful dogs and who have flexible work schedules. Moe would benefit from a house with a fenced in yard where he could run off-leash, play fetch and burn some of his energy.

Moe currently lives with a senior chihuahua but we feel strongly that he should be the one and only in the home. NO kids under 16, NO cats.

Moe is vaccinated and neutered and housetrained.

If you have the time and energy to make Moe a part of your life contact us.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.