In Loving Memory of our darling  JAY J, passed February 16, 2019 from Roger & Judy Cameron family

JayJ was an Old Soul, an adult Husky/GSD mix.  Gerdy had a call from a pound she could have him if she’d take him, otherwise he was going to be euthanized, as a stray, because one of his back legs was born shorter than the other, a birth  defect.  He needed surgery. Gerdy took him on!  So we agreed to foster him for Gerdy’s until his surgery was completely well, it took 4 months to heal.  We learned over time that this sweet natured dog had not agreed with this plan!  In fact, on the day he went to his new home with us, he REFUSED to STAY!  He  instead became a member of our dog family, adopted by us as HE planned! 

Such a gentle boy, he knew his place with our other dogs,  and just wanted loving acceptance.  JayJ was exceptional all his 10 years with us, to lose him to cancer was devastating.

Run free as the wind through the grassy fields in Heaven dear boy, until some day we are together again again!

Loved always.