I adopted my darling Keffi boy (known as Happy then) from Gerdys when the Underdog Club had their boutique in Westmount in 2009.

I was in charge of the volunteers and Gerdy arrived one day with this gorgeous boy that I took home for an overnight stay (because his foster was too far away to take him back there and bring him back to the the next day). I just knew I had to keep him after that one night….I actually pleaded with Gerdy ‘Can I have him please?’ …and he has been the joy of my life since…..such a sweet, kind, soft natured, darling little fella’!

He was about 5 when I adopted him and I was supremely lucky to have him with me for just over 8 years ….spending almost all his winters in Florida. He was a much loved star who brought masses of happiness into my life. I miss him terribly…….

The first photo (in my arms) was taken 4 months before he went over the Rainbow Bridge…..RIP gorgeous boy.