I am currently in foster care, if you are interested in meeting me, N.B. please contact: romeo_adoption@hotmail.com

Meet Rosie, an adorable 2.5 month old puppy who is ready to find her family! Rosie is intelligent, energetic, independent, and stubborn. Rosie can also shy when she first meets new people, but all she needs is some time and patience and once you have earned her trust, she will sleep glued to you!
Rosie is discovering outside and likes to walk on a leash. She is still a beginner and is wary of people passing by and loud noises. She will need a little more practice to gain confidence. She is starting master potty training, and puppy classes that utilize positive reinforcement will be important for her to continue to learn. Like other puppies, Rosie is exploring the world with her teeth, but providing her with appropriate chew toys will help spare your hands (and other objects!) from her sharp puppy teeth.
Rosie is an endearing, shy puppy who loves humans and other animals. She is not used to being alone and has a tendency to cry. In her foster family, Rosie is surrounded by dogs and cats whom she loves, and her ideal home would have a well-balanced and playful dog to help her spend some energy and serve as a role model. A double adoption with her brother Flynn is also a possibility for an experienced family as Flynn and Rosie are very bonded.
Flynn is looking for a responsible and patient family who has time to devote and lots of love to offer her. Rosie is a puppy now, but will be large as an adult, therefore a house with a fenced yard is the ideal environment for her. Children 10 years +
Rosie will be sterilized and microchipped before being adopted. Rosie’s vaccinations are up to date.

DO NOT EMAIL GERDYS: please contact Romeo’s foster mom directly: romeo_adoption@hotmail.com