Ode to Samson (1/6/07 – 8/7/16). Too young. Too soon.

Your loving, gentle brown eyes will always be remembered. Your gentle, kind soul, your eager to please, wiggle bum, floppy ears character is our cherished memory in the face of your sudden passing. Our lives were made richer by your presence – a constant, dependable, never wavering presence.

You filled our days with joy and company and much, much love. You got us outside in all seasons, in all weathers – just to walk, or to throw a ball and you fetch, or to play with other dogs, or simply to stroll through the neighbourhood while you guarded and protected your growing family. Sometimes you would even bark at snowmen or over-turned garbage cans!

You never failed us – even at your end, you passed with dignity and grace, putting us first as you always did, so we wouldn’t have to see you suffer too much. We hope Sammy that we didn’t fail you – we loved you so much – unwavering, unquestionable, unconditional love. Forever our family, remaining in our hearts and memories until we meet you again.

Your favourite places and things to do: Trenholme Park, Bruce’s Pit, Loyola Park, William Bowie Park, endless walks with papa joe, walking in the neighbourhood, fetching a ball, chewing a stick, playing with dogs, dry humping, mooching for an extra dinner or walk (pretending as if you never went outside or ate your meal!), ear rubs, neck rubs, laying on the bed, laying on the sofa’s (blue & beige) as soon as we left the house, and simply just being present with your family. You were content just to be next to us as we were so content to be next to you. We were with you and loved you from the first day you came home to us until you had to leave us.

We hope that you know how much we loved you and how we were always doing our best to be there for you, even when life was busier with two children and full-time work, we still tried to make time for you – to go on walks, to go to the dog park, to do a park loop, to travel to grannies, to visit Uncle Dominik, to go to your favourite places. At the end, which came to us suddenly, there was nothing we could do to keep you in the life that you loved to live. It happened fast, a blessing for you, but a tragic and sudden shock for us. We weren’t ready to let you go yet – more walks, more playtime, more dog parks, more trips away, more beaches and chasing birds and ducks, more watching and chasing squirrels, more sticks to chew, more snuggles, more ear rubs and neck massages.

We simply weren’t ready to lose you, our dearest and most faithful companion. But in our pain and feeling yours, we gave you our blessing to go – as you lay down next to us, your ears pricked up, your eyes softly closing and then peeking up at us when we called out your name. All the while your body was finally able to have some relief from the tumours that took you from us. You passed easily with our blessing. No longer in any pain. You will live forever in our hearts and memories dearest Sammy. You were one of a kind, irreplaceable – a beautiful, gentle, kind, loving, patient soul and we hope that now you are at peace and chasing (and finally catching!) those squirrels somewhere!

Until we all meet again, your family,
Nicola, Maciej, Tomasz and Hanna