Our dog Benny was put down today. Fifteen years ago he was dropped off at the Nichoir (wild bird clinic) by his owner who obviously didn’t know the difference between a bird and a dog. My wife who was working at the Nichoir found him outside with badly infected eyes due to inverted eye lids and very little flesh on his bones. She had me bring him to a vet for eye surgery and then home for love, food and care. Benny was finally lucky. With us he had a good life and at the end of his life he had me with him easing his way and he left this world knowing he was loved. His passing brought to mind all the people that were truly loved and yet had to leave this life alone without having the comfort of loved ones surrounding them. This virus is brutal so please follow instructions and stay safe for your sake and the sake of your friends, your neighbors and all the strangers who don’t deserve to die alone.. .